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Chicago's Luxury Condo



With a rich history dating back to the late-19th century, Chicago's North Shore offers an opulent architectural landscape ideal for full-home renovations. Our goal is always to preserve the original beauty of each home while providing the modern functionality that today's homeowners require. At BMB Remodeling Inc, we believe that preserving historic homes is worthwhile, but must be done thoughtfully. When undertaking comprehensive renovations in Chicago's North Shore, we focus on three key priorities: meticulous planning, a carefully considered layout, and uncompromising attention to detail.

Photo credits to MILLER + MILLER Architectural Photography

Photo credits to MILLER + MILLER Architectural Photography

How Will a Full Home Renovation Serve You & Your Family?

Successful home remodeling projects begin with a clear purpose - whether it's achieving a specific goal or addressing an existing problem. The true value lies not just in updating aesthetics or layouts, but in how these changes enhance the comfort, efficiency, and functionality of your living space to better suit your needs.

Creative Problem-Solving

Every home has its own unique challenges. Some may lack natural light, while others need clever storage solutions. By tailoring a remodeling plan to address each home's individual constraints, we can devise innovative solutions that turn those limitations into strengths.

Personalized Functionality

A thoughtful, personalized design tailored to your household's unique needs and lifestyle ensures spaces not only look beautiful, but are optimized for maximum functionality. Whether it's accommodating a dedicated home office, a hobby nook, or accessibility features, a customized remodel makes every corner serve a purposeful role that resonates with how you live.

Value & Longevity

While generic home remodels may lose their appeal over time, a design that reflects your personal needs and aesthetic preferences will stand the test of time. This personalized approach offers enduring value, ensuring your home remains a beloved, cherished space for years to come.

Emotional Resonance

Your home should be a personal sanctuary, with each room evoking a sense of comfort and belonging. Remodeling projects that incorporate personalized touches breathe life into the spaces, stirring up emotional resonance. Thoughtful design choices - from mood-boosting colors to layouts that recall cherished memories - foster deeper, more meaningful connections between you and your living environment.

Evolving with Life's Phases

We begin our process by holding a free Discovery Call to understand the motivations behind your remodeling goals. Clarifying the "why" is central to our approach, as it allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs and priorities.

At the core of our process is helping you clarify the purpose and motivation behind your remodeling goals. We begin with a complimentary Discovery Call to kickstart this conversation. With your dream home in mind, now is the perfect time to contact BMB Remodeling Inc. about a full-home remodel. Schedule your complimentary in-home consultation today and discover how we revitalize homes throughout Chicago's North Shore and surrounding communities.


Photo credits to MILLER + MILLER Architectural Photography

What Does A Complete Home Renovation Mean?

A comprehensive home renovation tackles multiple areas of your home at once, delivering extensive updates and changes. This may include converting spaces, reconfiguring layouts, and creating new living areas. When you desire a sweeping transformation to overhaul various parts of your home, BMB Remodeling Inc. can be the ideal partner. Our full-home remodeling service manages several simultaneous home upgrades, such as:

  • Bedroom Remodels

  • Common Area Remodeling

  • Flooring Replacements and Upgrades


When seeking the best return on your investment, location is crucial. Although Atlanta abounds with charming historic homes ripe for renovation, certain neighborhoods offer significantly greater value.  Consider these top areas in Illinois for your next renovation project: Chicago's Gold Coast, Chicago's Lake View, Chicago's Uptown, Chicago's Lincoln Square, Chicago's Lincoln Park, Chicago's Lake View, Chicago's Edgewater, Chicago's Rogers Park, Lincolnwood, Glenview, Morton Grove, Skokie, Evanston, Kenilworth, Northfield, Winnetka, Glencoe, Northbook, Deerfield, Highland Park and Highwood

Areas We Service

BMB Remodeling Inc proudly remodels in the following areas of Illinois:

  • Lincoln Park, IL

  • Glenview, IL

  • Evanston, IL 

  • Winnetka, IL

  • Kenilworth, IL

  • Glencoe, IL

  • Highland Park, IL

Our service area

Don't see your town or city on our list? Reach out to us to see if we can remodel in your area.

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