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white and silver basement renovation with bar and entertainment area with led multi colore


"Homeowners in this area love where they live... however often times they outgrow their otherwise perfect home. Common Area remodels are the perfect solution to expand into your home."

Mirek, Owner & General Contractor, BMB Remodeling Inc.

Living room remodel

In the age of remote work and virtual schooling, remodeled common areas have become increasingly popular among busy families.

Common area remodels are not only one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects, but also one of the most versatile. The possibilities are endless, including:

  • A cozy, living room provides ample space for you to entertain your guests and spend some quality time together.

  • Your home office is an inviting, productive workspace where you can stay focused.

  • A spacious and inviting basement living room where your kids can spread out toys, or your teens can host movie nights.

  • Enjoy a private fitness area in the basement or attic of your home, perfect for working out even during the cold winter months.

  • Offer your relatives and loved ones a comfortable, spacious guest suite for enjoyable extended visits.

Renovated common areas, ranging from utilitarian game rooms to fully finished guest suites, add value at every point along the spectrum. Each person must ask themselves one very important question:

How can you add space to your home without building any additions?

upscale million dollar basement remodel and white and blue accents with wood flooring with

After a decade in your perfect home, the location remains ideal, but your lifestyle has evolved. Refinishing the basement, converting the attic, or adding a home office can provide the ideal solution to accommodate your changing needs - whether it's starting a family and requiring more space, or creating a mother-in-law apartment to care for an aging parent. 

A common area remodel has you covered.

For clients seeking to enhance their existing home, a common area remodel is often the ultimate solution. Some clients have a clear vision of their desired space and layout, and simply need assistance turning their ideas into reality. Others come to us unsure of where to start, seeking guidance from our trusted interior designers to help them visualize the potential of their current space. Regardless of the client's starting point, contacting our skilled team is the first step in making your common area renovation dream a reality.


What is the main goal of a common area remodel?

The possibilities for remodeling your attic, basement or home office are as diverse, personalized and endless as your own unique style. 

Remodeling common living spaces can boost both your home's usable square footage and overall value. BMB Remodeling Inc. offers a streamlined process to finish or update areas like the basement, attic, home office, or guest bedroom, enhancing your property's worth.

Attic fitness area remodel

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