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Bathroom remodel
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"The bathroom is becoming a more significant part of the daily routine, serving as both a functional starting point and a relaxing oasis. It's a space where people set the tone for their day, but also a place to unwind and indulge in self-care, whether in the tub or a steam shower. The purpose of the modern bathroom is evolving from a purely functional space to one that is spa-like, focused on relaxation and personal pampering."

John Bosa, Chief Customer Officer & Marketing Specialist, BMB Remodeling Inc.

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The bathroom is often the first and last room you use each day, making it a pivotal space in your home. If your current bathroom is dysfunctional, cramped, or outdated, a remodel could significantly improve your daily experience and overall satisfaction with your living environment.

Your bathroom may have a dysfunctional layout, feel cramped, and lack sufficient lighting. Additionally, you could be facing issues like a leaking shower, deteriorating tile, or other malfunctioning fixtures.

Before starting any worthwhile bathroom remodel, it's crucial to ask one important question:

How will a bathroom remodel enrich your life at home?

2024 BMB Remodeling Bathroom Remodeling Cost Guide

Considering a bathroom remodel and not sure how to budget? Our free cost guide gives you a detailed walk through and cost ranges to anticipate your next bathroom remodeling project in Chicago's North Shore. 

Say goodbye to all guessing games and the unnecessary stress. Download our FREE BMB Remodeling Inc. bathroom remodeling cost guide now and start planning your dream remodel today. 

White and gold luxury bathroom remodel
White and gold luxury bathroom remodel


What's the Goal of Your Bathroom Remodel?

When you begin thinking about your next remodel, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the endless possibilities. 

Ideas are everywhere, but only you can define what matters most for your individual project. The end goal is the experience the remodel provides for you and your family. The ultimate question is, "How do you want the finished space to feel?" If you know that, it will be easier to prioritize specific functions and elements when designing your next bathroom.

Dated, cramped, and worn - these are the common complaints we hear from clients seeking a bathroom remodel consultation. Bathrooms are often the first areas of a home to show signs of aging, becoming the "crow's feet" that reveal a property's true vintage. When left unaddressed, that sense of a "dated, cramped, and worn" bathroom can make homeowners feel the space is no longer functional or comfortable. That's why it's crucial to work with bathroom designers who have the expertise to transform tired, outdated bathrooms into modern, spa-like retreats. Many homeowners also express the stress and embarrassment they feel when hosting guests in a worn, unappealing bathroom space.

Before remodeling, our clients' uninspiring bathrooms, lacking in both form and function, set a dreary tone for their day. However, homeowner expectations have evolved dramatically in the past decade. Bathrooms now serve a greater purpose beyond just being aesthetically pleasing and practical - many homeowners are incorporating features focused on relaxation and self-care. This shift reflects a recognition that the bathroom can and should be a restorative, rejuvenating space.

Homeowners contact us for bathroom remodels because they want a fresh, comfortable, and functional space. They desire a remodel that conveys a sense of quality and newness throughout the home. However, visualizing the possibilities can be challenging given the abundance of options available today. Some clients know exactly what they want and need help turning their ideas into reality. Others come to us unsure of where to start and require assistance envisioning what can be achieved with their existing space. In either case, contacting our skilled design-build team is the first step to transforming the bathroom into a relaxing, rejuvenating sanctuary.

Homeowners face a significant challenge when planning a bathroom remodel - understanding the full range of possibilities for their unique space. Each bathroom remodel project is inherently different. We aim to showcase the endless possibilities for a bathroom remodel that will increase the value of your home.

Beautiful modern and warm bathroom remodel

"Bathroom remodels can be a hidden opportunity for homeowners who have lived in their homes for many years. Over time, people often become accustomed to their existing bathrooms, fixtures, and finishes, and may delay updating the space. However, eventually they realize the bathroom no longer meets their needs. For these long-term homeowners, the bathroom remodels we complete can be truly transformative - enhancing both the home's functionality and the homeowner's experience."

John Bosa, Chief Customer Officer & Marketing Specialist, BMB Remodeling Inc.

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