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modern blue, white and gold kitchen

"Optimizing a kitchen's functionality and incorporating personalized details for our clients can dramatically transform their experience and enjoyment of time spent in the kitchen."

Mirek, Owner & General Contractor, BMB Remodeling Inc.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where we forge cherished memories over morning coffee and holiday feasts.

Kitchens are among the most popular and valuable home remodeling projects, as they are central to family life. However, since each family's needs vary, determining what to include in a kitchen remodel requires careful consideration and begins with an important question:


What's the Goal of Your Kitchen Remodel?

The possibilities for remodeling your kitchen are as diverse and personalized as your own unique style. 

Start by considering your desired kitchen user experience. What kind of environment do you want to create? Answering this question acts as a filter, clarifying your needs versus wants and helping you focus on the most important options.

Our clients often describe the kitchen as the heart of the home - the place where life happens. That's why kitchen remodels are one of our favorite projects. In just a few months, we can transform a client's kitchen in a way that elevates their overall satisfaction and enjoyment of their entire home. An added benefit is that a kitchen upgrade can also increase the home's market value. We offer a range of kitchen remodeling services, from minor updates to complete redesigns, to help our clients achieve their vision.

At BMB Remodeling Inc, we understand that your ideal kitchen is both beautiful and functional - a space that enhances your home and complements your lifestyle. While some clients come to us with a clear vision, ready to make their ideas a reality, others are unsure where to start and need help envisioning the possibilities for their existing kitchen. Regardless, we know that quality craftsmanship and trustworthy service are priorities for all our clients.

Cozy warm kitchen remodel

How will a kitchen remodel enrich your life at home?

2024  BMB Remodeling Kitchen Remodeling Cost Guide

Considering a kitchen remodel and not sure how to budget? Our free cost guide gives you a detailed walk through and cost ranges to anticipate your next kitchen remodeling project in Chicago's North Shore. 

Say goodbye to all guessing games and the unnecessary stress. Download our FREE BMB Remodeling Inc. kitchen remodeling cost guide now and start planning your dream remodel today. 


Knowing where to start is the biggest challenge most homeowners face when considering a kitchen remodel. Questions around cost, timeline, and finding the right contractor can feel overwhelming. At our firm, we help clients cut through the myths and obstacles, which is especially important for kitchen remodels. We'll deliver the dream kitchen you envision, without the hassle of delayed timelines, budget overruns, or shoddy craftsmanship.

"While popular home renovation shows may have led many homeowners to anticipate nightmares and drama when undertaking kitchen remodels, the reality does not have to be so tumultuous. With proper planning and the right team, a kitchen renovation project can be a smooth and rewarding experience."

Mirek, Owner & General Contractor, BMB Remodeling Inc.


Chicago's North Shore Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Check out our online gallery of kitchen remodels to see how other homeowners have transformed their spaces. 

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