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6 Must-Have Features for a North Shore Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Jun 20

Kitchens are undergoing a significant transformation in style, colors, and materials. Incorporating the latest popular features into your kitchen remodel can rejuvenate your entire North Shore home. Collaborate with your custom home remodeler to bring your big ideas to life, ensuring your kitchen fits your budget and style.

1. Vibrant Colors

Kitchens are embracing a resurgence of color, moving away from the all-white and gray schemes that once dominated. Trending colors for cabinets and walls now include earthy greens, soft beiges, navy, and slate blue. Earthy greens, in particular, are topping the charts according to major paint brands, serving as a versatile neutral that pairs well with other hues without overwhelming the space.

To make the most of these colors in your remodel, use them strategically. For example, paint the island cabinets a matte navy blue or neutral green while keeping the perimeter cabinets a soft white. Alternatively, opt for creamy beige on the upper cabinets and introduce color to the lower ones. This approach adds depth and interest to your kitchen’s color palette.

2. Spacious Kitchen Island

While large kitchen islands are not new, they remain an essential feature in modern kitchen designs. A spacious island offers numerous benefits, such as providing seating for multiple guests, serving as a food prep area, and offering additional cabinet storage.

Ensure your island includes a few electrical outlets to conveniently power appliances like blenders and mixers. Also, consider the clearance around the island, allowing enough space for comfortable seating and easy movement. Plan for adequate overhang to accommodate counter stools, ensuring the island is both functional and stylish.

3. Natural Wood Accents

Natural wood tones are making a strong comeback, replacing the stark white and gray palettes of the past decade. Incorporating elements like a large chopping block on your kitchen island not only leans into this trend but also offers practical benefits due to wood’s natural antimicrobial properties. The timeless appeal and functional aesthetic of well-worn wood surfaces can add warmth and character to your kitchen.

4. Matte Black Finishes

Matte black is becoming increasingly popular, appearing in everything from faucet fixtures to front doors. When paired with neutral greens or creamy whites, matte black creates a crisp, sophisticated look. This versatile color works well for cabinet pulls and handles, kitchen islands, and even vintage free-standing hutches, adding a modern touch to your kitchen design.

5. Durable Countertops and Sleek Backsplashes

As kitchen usage increases, the durability of materials becomes more critical. While marble is beautiful, it is high maintenance and costly. Instead, consider materials like quartz, which is nonporous and more sanitary than marble. Quartz also offers more control over colors and patterns, as it is manufactured rather than mined.

For backsplashes, using slabs instead of tiles is gaining traction. Extending the countertop material up the wall creates a seamless look, allowing for a cleaner and more cohesive design. This continuity enables you to introduce more varied materials and colors elsewhere in the kitchen without making it look too busy.

6. Custom Storage Solutions

Customized cabinetry is crucial for a functional and organized kitchen. Modern custom storage solutions are tailored to meet specific needs, making cooking and kitchen management more efficient and enjoyable. Options include lower cabinets with pull-out shelves, in-cabinet outlets for small appliances, and drawers with dividers for organized storage of containers and lids.

To add a personal touch, consider using locally made Amish cabinetry. The natural wood tones and the craftsmanship of handmade cabinets offer durability and a unique charm that mass-produced options cannot match.

Ready to Transform Your Kitchen?

BMB Remodeling offers free consultations, making it easy to start your kitchen renovation journey. Our team is committed to delivering the remodel you need, want, and expect. During a Discovery Call, a Project Consultant will guide you through the kitchen remodeling process and discuss your goals. Contact us to find out if we’re the right design-build team for your project and to begin planning your dream kitchen.




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