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Drywall & Painting

Before and After Drywall Repairs - BMB Remodeling Inc.

There are many causes of drywall and paint damage, but we can all agree, it creates an eyesore when it does happen. Some of the imperfections become more noticeable depending on the lighting in the room or the chosen paint finish. On the other side, along with giving home an amazing personality inside and out, paint does much more than just reflect beauty. Paint not only serves as a defense from dirt and dust, but it has also has the ability to reflect your style. In doing so the color and paint finish can play a role in your mood! If you are in need of drywall repairs, touchup or painting refresh we have all the equipment and tools needed to provide you with our BMB Remodeling five-star services.

  • Garage Drywall Installation

  • Plaster Repair 

  • Standard Removal/ Install/ Repair

  • Caulking

  • Tape/ Sand

  • Patching

  • Interior Painting

  • Wallpaper Removal

Before and After Drywall Repairs BMB Remodeling Inc.
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