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Living room remodel
Highly recommend BMB Remodeling with any handyman and home improvement service.
For a long time my basement bathroom was unfinished.
I have gone through many independent contractors and was given quotes with extreme prices. BMB Remodeling on the other was really helpful with talking me through every step of the project as well as quoting me a great and affordable price.  Their communication with me on a day to day basis helped me relax and not have to worry. I am looking forward to using them and their services again. They seem to have a "no task is too big or too small" mentality. It's great to know that they are willing to take to accommodate the "simple and not so simple" tasks such as changing a light fixture, changing the faucet too much more involved and complicated projects. I am truly amazed at the outcome of my bathroom.
I highly recommend anyone looking for any type of work done in the Chicago-land area to reach out!

Joanna B, IL

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