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  • What is design-build?
    A design-build approach simplifies the remodeling process for homeowners by bringing design and construction services under one roof. When the designer and contractor work collaboratively to create a space that brings your vision to life with your investment in mind, it saves time, money, and hassle. The transition from design to construction is seamless. Additionally, choosing a design-build company eliminates the need to interview and hire multiple parties. It also streamlines communication and coordination between the designer and contractor, minimizing potential friction.
  • If I have general ideas, can BMB Remodeling Inc establish which ideas will work best for my project?
    Absolutely! Before we make any design suggestions, we want to understand your vision and how you envision using the space. Our goal is to create a home that is tailored specifically to your needs and preferences.
  • Do I need an architect or interior designer? What if I already have an architect or interior designer?
    Working with a design-build team provides a cost-effective and efficient solution by having all the necessary resources in-house. Our experienced team is capable of handling even the most complex projects, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture without getting bogged down in the details.
  • How do I make sure you do not design something we cannot afford?
    From the initial consultation, we aim to develop a clear understanding of your remodeling priorities, goals, and desired investment. This allows us to guide you effectively through the design process and help you stay on track.
  • Why should I choose BMB Remodeling Inc.?
    Passionate about creating homes you'll love, Father Mirek, son John, and their talented design-build team approach each project with the dedication of crafting their next career-defining work. We would welcome the chance to connect with you, learn about your dreams and ideas, and explore whether our services are the right fit to bring them to life.
  • What types of projects do you specialize in?
    As a general contractor serving the North Shore and surrounding areas for over 25 years, we have cultivated a diverse skillset and wealth of industry knowledge. While kitchen and bathroom remodels are a core focus, we also excel at designing and constructing full-scale home renovations and common area renovations.
  • Is my project too small?
    We welcome projects of all sizes, from small tasks to large-scale initiatives. Call us today to discuss how we can best assist with your needs and determine if our expertise is a good match for your project.
  • Do I have to worry about any permits?
    The need for permits will depend on the specific type and size of your project. However, the team at BMB Remodeling will work closely with you to ensure all necessary permits are obtained.
  • How much should I budget for my project? Should I plan to spend more money than the contract price?
    The cost of your project depends on many factors. For kitchen and bathroom remodels, we offer a planning guide with general investment ranges for different levels of work, so you know what to expect upfront. For whole-home remodels and room additions, we'll provide a written scope of work and a ballpark investment range to help with early planning and decision-making. Once you approve the project design, we'll give you a fixed-price lump sum proposal, including itemized pricing for any upgrade options you request. The only way the price would change is if we discover hidden conditions during construction, you request a change order, or you spend more or less on allowance items like light fixtures, tile, or flooring.
  • How can I find a dependable design/build remodeling company?
    Having the necessary personnel in-house to handle design and carpentry services is a positive sign, as it allows the company to maintain greater control over the workers on the project, rather than relying on an independent third-party to perform the work. Visiting the company's office can offer invaluable insight into their work culture and operations. If they do not have a physical office, call to schedule an in-person consultation. Use this meeting as an opportunity to ask thoughtful questions and determine if the company is the right fit. Confirm that the remodeling company is properly licensed, bonded, and insured as a contractor in your local jurisdiction, such as by checking with the Illinois Construction Contractors Board if the project is located in Illinois. If a family member or friend has used the company's services, you can check their references and ask about their experience. Additionally, review online ratings and reviews to gauge other customers' past experiences with the company.
  • I hear remodeling is stressful. What do you do to limit the stress?
    We understand that stress often stems from poor communication, missed deadlines, unexpected costs, and unclear expectations. However, our experienced team works diligently to eliminate these issues. We carefully estimate project timelines and costs, set expectations upfront, and provide regular updates throughout the process, ensuring you're informed every step of the way.
  • Can I live in my house while it is being remodeled?
    For kitchen and bathroom remodels, we generally recommend that you find an alternative place to stay, as the scope of these projects can pose health and safety risks. However, the need to vacate will depend on the full extent of the work. For whole-home remodels, we will always advise finding an alternative living situation, either during specific construction phases or for the entire project duration. Remodeling is highly disruptive, so being prepared and planning ahead for the inconveniences will help improve your overall experience.
  • What does the process look like? What are the necessary steps?
    Initial Consultation: We begin every remodel project with an in-home consultation. During this meeting, we ask a lot of questions to understand your challenges, priorities, and goals for the design and build. We inquire about your desired investment and any time frame expectations. Grasping the "why" behind your project allows us to tailor the design to solve the problems with your current space and create a home you'll love. Design: This is the stage where we delve into the details, developing creative solutions that address the specific challenges of your space and align with your vision and priorities. Design is the most critical part of any remodel. Ironing out the details here ensures accurate cost estimating, clear communication with our construction team and trade partners, and a shared understanding of your vision before construction begins. Estimating & Contract Presentation: Once the design is approved, we input all the project details into our estimating software and compile the costs. At the contract presentation, you'll receive a detailed, fixed-price, lump-sum proposal, with any upgrade options and allowances clearly noted. Materials Selections: Our design team is here to assist you with material choices. If you enjoy the hunt for the perfect items and simply need confirmation that your ideas work well together, we can provide that guidance. Or, if the thought of wading through all the options overwhelms you, we'll curate a selection of materials and finishes for you to choose from. Either way, you can trust that we'll help you create a beautiful and functional new space. Build: From demolition day to final cleanup, you'll have direct contact with your lead carpenter for any questions or concerns. Since all decisions are made before construction begins, you can sit back and enjoy the daily progress without having to worry about deadlines.
  • How will I be updated on my project?
    Your Lead Carpenter and Project Coordinator will manage the day-to-day operations of your project. We'll provide you with weekly email and text message updates, and we're committed to keeping the homeowners closely involved throughout the process. This includes regular walk-throughs to show them the progress, as well as in-person meetings to discuss the next steps in our plan.
  • Can I request or change things during the remodel?
    During the design and estimating phases, we thoroughly consider every aspect of your project to minimize the need for change orders once construction begins. However, we have a clear process in place to handle any change orders that arise during the project. If a change order is substantial, we may recommend treating it as a separate project to be completed at a later date. This ensures we can devote the necessary time and resources without disrupting the schedule for our subsequent client projects.
  • Do you take on design only projects?
    As a design-build firm, we focus on creating tailored spaces for clients who want to collaborate with our team throughout the entire process - from design to construction. This ensures a smooth transition when bringing their plans to reality.
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